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We’re Racing Into the New Year With a Hot New Product!

We’ve got a brand new, two-player video game raring to be rolled out to leisure centres and arcades across the UK! From the iconic Sega Amusements, Hot Racers is a thrilling, one to two-player, police and motorcycle chase game made just for kids. The action-packed video game allows users to play as either the police […]


We’re SOOOOO excited to announce the launch of our BRAND SPANKING NEW website….we’re now THE ‘one stop shop!’ for kiddie rides and arcade amusement machines….’YIPPEEEEE! At Leisurematic online, you can buy the WHOLE RANGE of our ex rental, fully refurbished (and even brand new), battery operated track vehicles, coin operated kiddie rides, coin operated kids […]

The Leisurematic Latest!

Welcome to Leisurematic’s brand new website featuring even more coin operated kiddie rides and amusements machines to choose from! We are passionate in supplying the highest quality products and service, spreading leisureMAGIC nationwide! Leisurematic hopes you’ve had a cracking start to January and we’re ready to continue the magic on throughout 2020! If you’ve been […]

Brand New Interactive Claw Machine is Grabbing Lots of Attention

In January 2019, Leisurematic launched its newly developed amusements machine the iClaw which keeps all of the elements of the original iClaw promotional crane grabber but also features interactive touchscreens with the capability of hosting ANY message you want to promote to your customers! iClaw also has its own app featuring on the front screen […]

Wait til you get Wind of This: you can now get a Hurricane Simulator Absolutely Free on Leisurematic Income Share Rental.

Now, That’s Mind-Blowing. Coin-operated Hurricane Simulator amusement machines are all the rage and Leisurematic is pleased to announce that we can now supply them absolutely free, anywhere in the UK on our amazing income share rental scheme. These exhilarating machines are ideally suited to trampoline parks, climbing wall centres, leisure centres, amusement arcades, theme parks, […]

PAW Patrol: Kids Love it, Parents Not so Much, and it’s Seemingly Unstoppable. 5 Interesting Facts

Kids love it, parents have mixed feelings about it, and it’s perhaps the biggest kids TV show around. It’s PAW Patrol. If you don’t have children, then maybe this brightly-coloured juggernaut has passed you by thus far, but since 2013 the Canadian-made TV show has grown in popularity to rival the likes of Peppa Pig. […]

An Inventive Christmas Present and the First Pilot Trainer: a Brief History of Kiddie Rides

\ Incarnations of kiddie rides as we know them first started appearing in the 1930s. Two very different machines emerged in the USA at similar times, though both had an undeniable influence on the rides and amusement machines of today. Those two inventions were: The Hahs Gaited Mechanical Horse Created in 1930 by James Otto […]

Banned in Oz, More Famous Than MPs and Studying to be a Doctor – 7 Things You Might Not Know About Peppa Pig

At Leisurematic, we stock a range of branded kiddie rides and amusement machines. All kinds of characters are represented in our roster, but there’s one who’s a little closer to taking over the world than others. Fifteen years ago if you were asked to name the most famous pig in the world you might have […]