Can Richard Fix It?….. YES – HE – CAN!

We’re jolly well delighted to introduce our newest team member….a certain Mr Richard Pike – the world-famous former Northern Leisure Kiddy Rides Technical Manager no less!

Richard’s joined us in his same Technical Manager role and can now arrange to repair and fully or part refurbish ALL Northern Leisure Kiddy Ride products, including all the amazing Peppa and Paw Patrol licensed kids rides…

Northern Leisure Machine Repair

You wont be stuck…

We’re continuing Northern Leisure Kiddy Ride product support – seamlessly!

From a minor kiddy ride control box repair right through to a full refurbishment of a kids ride on machine…all done in our brand new workshop facility.

 Give Richard a buzz…

Don’t interrupt him when he’s busy having a brew though – he’s a Yorkshireman so takes his brew break very seriously indeed so on your head be it!

Richard can offer free Kiddy Ride repair technical advice over the phone or via email…and if it can’t be sorted out this way, Richard and his specialist repair team can then use their LeisureMAGIC on your machine or component in our workshop – we can even collect & re-deliver your kiddie rides & arcade machines throughout the UK, we use our own specialist vehicles too…

So don’t fear…RICHARD’S HERE!

And can be contacted at 07784 238 317  Or

ADIPS Safety Certification

ADIPS Safety Certification is now a speciality of ours too, we carry it out on site or back in our workshops – the choice is yours – we also carry out all the necessary kiddy ride repairs to have your certificate granted.

Richard can advise on any aspect of this and can also arrange it for you….not when he’s having a brew though!

As always – we still stock and sell nearly all Northern Leisure Kiddy Ride machines, products and spares ongoing…

This includes the full range of ex -rental Peppa Pig rides, Peppa Rocket coin rides &  Peppa Pig Camper Van kids rides – not forgetting Paw Patrol Chase & Marshall coin operated ride ons too…

£3,995.00 ex. VAT
Out of stock

Kiddie Ride Income Share Rental

Paw Patrol Chase Kiddie Ride

£3,995.00 ex. VAT
Out of stock

Kiddie Ride Income Share Rental

PJ Masks Cat-Car Kiddie Ride

£4,495.00 ex. VAT

Kiddie Ride Income Share Rental

Peppa Pig Rocket Kiddie Ride

£3,995.00 ex. VAT

We’ve lots of new products in the pipeline too, keep your peepers peeled – just to tickle your tastebuds a tad, we are looking to operate a brand new model of battery powered track ride vehicle soon – it’s not even launched yet and we’ve already been invited to take a peek at it – let’s just say that they go off-road and ‘Rove’ all over the place…

Top secret, so we’re saying no more about it– YET!

Back on here soon with more juicy goss…

So stay safe for now folks,