Kiddie Ride & Amusement Machine FAQs

If you’re considering a kiddie ride or amusement machine for your venue, you’ll probably have quite a few questions. Here are some that we get asked regularly at Leisurematic.

How will a kiddie ride or amusement machine benefit my site?
A kiddie ride or coin operated amusement machine from Leisurematic can provide a steady stream of extra income and enhance visitor experience. On our income share rental scheme you pay nothing for the machine or kiddie ride either initially or ongoing, there’s no rental fee, even repair and maintenance is free, all we require is a pre agreed share of the revenue generated ongoing.
The electricity consumption of one of these machines is very low, a kiddie ride uses approximately 5-7 amps, on average, a claw grabber machine uses 2-3 amps.
No, not for these types of machines. But if an arcade crane grabbing machine is set to ‘random’ win as opposed to win ‘every’ time, it is then classed as a gaming machine and not a ‘vending’ machine, so a gaming permit will be required prior to installation.
Leisurematic machines typically last between 7-10 years. But this is dependent on the amount of usage, the operating environment and regular servicing being implemented.
Depending on the operating site, we would advise that an annual Portable Appliance Test (PAT), in the case of a coin-operated children’s rides, an annual Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Certificate is required, (ADIPS).
These certificates, regular servicing and visual safety checks between regular intervals will normally be sufficient to avoid any ongoing safety or maintenance issues, it’s recommended to always use qualified service engineers to carry out these or any other safety related maintenance procedures.
Most can be used outside in normal weather conditions. Some modifications may be needed to for excessively wet/damp conditions, such as insulation of electrics and fitting of a mechanical coin mechanism. Only a limited number of coin-operated amusement machines can be operated outdoors. This depends on the vulnerability of the electrics within the machine, if necessary, we can advise you on the suitability of the machine for outdoor use, so you can use our products safely.
The cost of play is completely up to you, and each ride or machine can easily be programmed to charge for the amount you specify. Typically, the cost in the UK to ride or play is £1 for 1ride or £2 for 3 rides. We advise charging these amounts for best results.
Our income share rental kiddie rides and amusement machines only require an annual safety check which is carried out by one of our qualified service engineers FREE OF CHARGE annually. This certificate is referred to as an Amusement Device Inspection Procedure Certificate (ADIPS), this is the kiddie ride equivalent to a car MOT. Any necessary repairs and/or maintenance can be carried out at the same time, there is absolutely no cost to our operating for this if the kiddie ride or amusement machine is being operated on our income share rental scheme.
Leisurematic service engineers are qualified to issue ADIPS certificates and carry out repairs and maintenance for non-income share rental customers, (at a competitive price). There is the option to have your ADIPS inspection carried out on your site or alternatively we can collect the machine and carry this out in a fully equipped workshop and then redeliver back to you.
ALL  Leisurematic kiddie rides,  coin operated amusement machines and claw crane grabbers can be supplied branded or themed to suit your specific requirements.

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Hopefully that should have answered most of your questions. But if there’s anything you’d like to ask that we’ve not answered here, get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to make things clear.
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