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7 Kiddie Rides to Keep Kids Entertained in Your Shopping Centre

A shopping centre is somewhere people go to spend full days. Searching through the myriad shops to find things for themselves or gifts for others. Despite the rise of online shopping and ecommerce, shopping centres and retail outlets remain an interesting alternative as they allow customers to see and feel products before buying them. This […]

Get Extra Income For Your Farm Park With Leisurematic Battery Track Rides

Do you fancy adding another attraction to your farm park? There are many farm parks up and down the country that have branched out to include loads of exciting, engaging activities for kids and adults alike. But sometimes, branching out can require more resources than you actually have. You may find yourself struggling to find […]

Earn Money and Add Aquatic Adventure to Your Site with Captain Sub

You might think kiddie rides are a bit boring. That all they do is rock a little bit and make some noise. Surely that can’t be enough to hold the attention of today’s kids? With tablets and smartphones, a bit of movement won’t manage to pull them away from the internet, will it? It’s understandable […]

Get 2-Player Fun with Leisurematic’s Newest Addition

Sometimes, even the most enjoyable games or experiences can get stale. Play something again and again, and eventually, you’ll run out of new things to discover. If you have a kiddie ride on your premises, one surefire way to prevent kids getting bored of it is to add an extra element. Making something competitive can […]

Wish your business made more? How to add another stream of income without lifting a finger

Imagine having some kind of device that makes money out of nothing. Something that works tirelessly, takes care of itself and can always be relied on. Can’t be real, can it? It sounds like something from an old story. Like something you have to make a deal with the devil to get. You get all […]

Mr Bus Has Arrived at the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital

The security of Mr Bus raising money for the charity will help them to think bigger and set their sights on offering patients and their families the services they hoped to. So that you know why the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital deserve and need this, we are going to tell you a little bit more […]