Brand New Interactive Claw Machine is Grabbing Lots of Attention

In January 2019, Leisurematic launched its newly developed amusements machine the iClaw which keeps all of the elements of the original iClaw promotional crane grabber but also features interactive touchscreens with the capability of hosting ANY message you want to promote to your customers!

iClaw also has its own app featuring on the front screen which allows users one free play in exchange for their email address or mobile number, the perfect way to generate leads at events and exhibitions! The right side screen of iClaw can host games, apps, websites, videos and so much more, giving your brand the opportunity to be engaged with on a whole new level.

  • Showcase your latest products and services, using iClaw as a Point-of-Sale and Point-of-Contact icebreaker!
  • Eliminate the need for tablet devices and even pen and paper by encouraging users to use contact forms via the iClaw screens.
  • Raise money for fundraising events in a unique and attention grabbing way, encouraging sponsors to advertise their businesses in joint collaborative opportunities.
  • Use iClaw to host your best content and campaign and make it even more visible and engaging in a public or retail environment, matched together with social media campaigns and you’ll have a LOT of people talking!

Another exciting element of iClaw is the ability to collect valuable consumer data, enhancing your brand’s marketing forecasting and consumer behaviour insights. iClaw can show you just how popular and engaging your content is and at any point throughout your iClaw campaign you have the opportunity to change on screen content to anything you like should you feel like experimenting!

People are naturally drawn to not just the nostalgic features of the iClaw, but also the intriguing concept of a touchscreen claw machine that they can interact with and tell others about!

Since launch, iClaw has been the attention grabbing focus of some interesting branded campaigns…

iClaw for the Samsung Galaxy Studio event at Westfield London (28th Mar-7th May 2019)

As part of Samsung’s yearly worldwide Galaxy Studio event, Samsung installed a claw machine at each of their event sites, but the claw machine at the Westfield Shopping Centre in London was the only one of it’s kind in the world! Leisurematic supplied and installed the new interactive iClaw for Samsung’s collaboration with a London based illustrator Hattie Stewart to feature among an array of inspiring interactive displays and activities.

Each Samsung customer entering the event and signing up to workshops received one token to be used to play the iClaw and win prizes illustrated and designed by the collaborative partner. Both iClaw screens featured the Galaxy Studio artwork and though non interactive, most people touched the screens anyway out of curiosity! The data captured from this iClaw highlighted this and much more!

iClaw for Muffin Break Carlisle raising money for Eden Valley Hospice, Lanes Shopping Centre (8th April-29th April 2019)

Throughout April, iClaw was sited inside Lanes Shopping Centre, Carlisle, outside of the Muffin Break store and allowed visitors to the shopping centre and Muffin Break win prizes while raising money for their local hospice. Ran alongside joint social media campaigns, the Muffin Break iClaw fundraiser saw a lot of traffic and gained a good following online with people asking for the iClaw to return again!

Being drawn in by the advertising on both screens explaining the cause, users could win from a selection of prizes including muffins and gift vouchers, with 100% of their money is going straight to Eden Valley Hospice. Local news teams featured the fundraiser and a collaborative effort between Leisurematic, Muffin Break, Eden Valley Hospice and the people of Carlisle helped to raise a SWEET £506!

Back in February, iClaw was also featured at the Get Me Connected Event WiFi stand at the Events Production Show at Olympia in London.

The front screen featured the iClaw app, which helped generate over 100 genuine leads over 2 days, and the right side screen hosted a Cost Calculator via the company’s website which also pulled in twice as many leads!

The right side screen also played Get Me Connected animated video content on an attract loop, after 60 seconds of screen user inactivity.

Throughout the event, there were regular queues of people waiting in line to use the iClaw and win from prizes ranging from popular sweets to Event WiFi merchandised items. iClaw was so popular, Get Me Connected are still processing the leads generated 2 months on!

It is without a doubt that the newly launched iClaw is off to a great start, and Leisurematic looks forward to the many more inspiring campaigns to come! There are endless opportunities for iClaw campaign ideas and Leisurematic invites you to give iClaw a try at your next event for a truly memorable interactive experience!

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