‘Speeding’ ahead with our latest addition to the Leisurematic product range is this  ‘wheelie’ amazing Phantom Motorcycle coin operated video game kiddie ride and it is ‘racing’ ahead to become the latest ‘must have’ coin operated ride attraction for your venue.

Phantom Motorcycle kiddie rides feature a flush brightly lit video game screen, an illuminated, colour changing, easy clean flush moulded track and a super slick motorbike design, making it potentially one of the most attractive and popular video game kiddie rides currently available on the market.

Kids AND ADULTS will love these fun and thrilling coin rides as they collect discs to earn points and because Phantom Motorbike kiddie rides are interlink-able so up to 4 players at a time can race against each other and compete to collect the most points.

We have Phantom Motorcycle coin operated kiddie rides available NOW on our amazing FREE TO YOU Income Share Rental scheme….so If you would love one or more of these fantastic, state of the art rides in your venue, please get in touch with us today and we’ll arrange it for you!

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