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Aqua Dash Submarine Video Game Ride

W: 200mmx H: 400mmx L: 500mm

Aqua Dash is a colourful underwater-themed kiddie ride that will help attract kids and their parents onto your site. Kids will be entertained and parents will have more time to spend on site and spend money. This brightly-coloured kiddie ride features video game style play and gives kids the choice between two playable characters: Lightning [...]

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Baby Balloon Air Hockey Table

W: 950mmx H: 1210mmx L: 1400mm

An air hockey table is the perfect addition to any leisure-oriented business premises. The concept is familiar, so kids will be eager to have a go. By having one on your site, you’ll gain a highly effective means of generating extra revenue all while providing entertainment for customers. This air hockey table has been designed [...]

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Basketball Blitz Amusement Machine

W: 2000mmx H: 2400mmx L: 2500mm

This competitive basketball game makes an excellent addition to any site. Complete with flashing lights and sound effects, children and adults alike will be drawn in by this highly visible amusement machine. With the potential to bring you more customers and generate extra income at the same time. Basketball Blitz is available as a single [...]

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Batman Twin Player Video Driving Simulator

W: 1600mmx H: 2000mmx L: 1600mm

This imposing, brightly illuminated twin driver simulator is as popular as ever. Up to two players can join Batman, a masked vigilante from Gotham City and help him fight against evil to keep its citizens safe….Need we say any more?

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Battery Operated Track Rides Track Kit

W: 4000mmx L: 5000mm

Leisurematic can supply and fit all sizes and themes of ride track. The image shown is an example of a minimum size, basic layout track. This is suitable for two rides.

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Ben And Holly Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1400mmx L: 1300mm

With this ride, kids can join Ben and Holly on a journey through their Little Kingdom. Children will recognise the characters from the hit TV show and be super keen to have a go. Featuring the Ben and Holly TV show theme tune and immersive rocking motion, kids will feel like they’re really riding a [...]

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Blue Disney Vending Machine

W: 515mmx H: 1665mmx L: 440mm

This eye-catching Disney-themed vending machine is a sure-fire way to occupy kids on your site. As well as offering a welcome distraction, the machine also provides another way for your business to generate income. You could have your very own Disney vending machine on site, making money and keeping kids entertained, for free. The machine [...]

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Bob The Builder Scoop Digger Kiddie Ride

W: 760mmx H: 1550mmx L: 1475mm

You can add some fun to your site and earn extra money with this exciting Bob the Builder kiddie ride. Kids will instantly recognise Bob and will barely be able to wait for their parents to put money in for a go. With this ride kids can hop on Scoop the digger and ride alongside [...]

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Bouncy Ball Prize Football Table

W: 700mmx H: 1100mmx L: 1200mm

Our exciting two-player table football game lets kids challenge each other for extra fun. Most people are familiar with how table football works, so there’s nothing to stop them wanting a go, meaning more money for your site. Just as much fun as a full-sized table football game, this one is shrunken down for kids [...]

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Brum Car Kiddie Ride

W: 760mmx H: 1550mmx L: 1475mm

Brum, the iconic little yellow motor, will be a familiar sight for many eyes. Around since 1991, kids and parents will recognise the little car. An excellent attraction that will bring extra money into your site. Kids can sing or hum along as the Brum theme tune plays when the ride is being used. The [...]

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Captain Pugwash Kiddie Ride

W: 780mmx H: 1500mmx L: 1600mm

All aboard the Black Pig! Kids will jump at the opportunity to have a go on Captain Pugwash’s famous ship. This ride provides entertainment increasing the time parents and children stay on your site and also offers a further way to generate income. Kids can take to the high seas, riding up front next to [...]

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Compact Quad Battery Operated Track Ride

W: 730mmx H: 650mmx L: 1300mm

Everyone loves quad bikes, these are just like a scaled down version of the real thing, seating an adult and a child, they are the ultimate in ‘four wheel fun!’…And don’t forget, they’re available in ANY colour or theme!

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