Earn Money and Add Aquatic Adventure to Your Site with Captain Sub

You might think kiddie rides are a bit boring. That all they do is rock a little bit and make some noise. Surely that can’t be enough to hold the attention of today’s kids? With tablets and smartphones, a bit of movement won’t manage to pull them away from the internet, will it?

It’s understandable that you might think that, but kiddie rides have evolved over the years. Rather than being limited to colourful vehicles with movement and sounds to loosely emulate their real-world counterparts, there are now more immersive video game-like experiences to cater to a generation of more demanding children.

These machines are effectively a mix of traditional kiddie rides and arcade games. They combine the lightheartedness and child-friendly content of kiddie rides, with the immersive video game action of arcade machines.

One such kiddie ride on offer from Leisurematic is the Captain Sub ride.

In the game itself kids are immersed in a colourful underwater world at the helm of their own adorably-designed submarine. There are two choices for children to play as, each equally charming, a yellow cat submarine and a pink rabbit (named Lightning and Bunny respectively). Each sub has an expressive face, so whether things are going well or getting a bit scary, they reflect what’s going on in-game.

Captain Sub lets kids whizz through detailed underwater levels full of fish that are both friend and foe. They’ll collect coins and gems, all while dodging and dispatching a variety of vibrant enemies, naval mines and more. Throughout the game, players can test their skills and patience against four unique bosses, including an angry anglerfish and prickly puffer fish.

The machine is just as brightly coloured as the game, so you can rest assured kids won’t miss it when they enter your premises. You have the choice of two colours – pink and yellow – so if you get two machines kids can choose their favourite. Captain Sub also features LED lights to make the exterior even more appealing. When playing, the machine rocks to mirror the action that’s taking place on-screen, so kids will think they’re really there piloting Lightning or Bunny.

Besides giving kids a choice of colours, two machines also allows for the option of multiplayer. Captain Sub is full of fun as it is, but add the element of competition and kids won’t be able to tear themselves away.

Captain Sub has been a hit on our site trials. So, we’re confident you’ll get an excellent return if you choose one for your site. The option of multiplayer adds loads of replay value, so kids will come back time and time again.

Just like every offering from Leisurematic, the Captain Sub coin operated kiddie ride is available to purchase outright or on profit share. With our profit share scheme you can get the Captain Sub ride for free. There’s no monthly rental cost, delivery fees or any charge for maintenance. All that we ask of you, is a pre-agreed share of the money the machine makes.

Fancy an aquatic adventure on your site? Whether you run a leisure centre, shop, or anywhere else with a good amount of footfall, Captain Sub is bound to bring you extra revenue. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, get in touch with Leisurematic today and we’ll tell you all about Captain Sub and our other rides.

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