Banned in Oz, More Famous Than MPs and Studying to be a Doctor – 7 Things You Might Not Know About Peppa Pig

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Fifteen years ago if you were asked to name the most famous pig in the world you might have said Porky Pig from Looney Tunes, The Muppets’ Miss Piggy or Babe the sheep-pig. But since then, a new pig has taken centre stage and she is everywhere.

Since 2004, the world has been filling up with Peppa Pig’s likeness. Originally shown on TV on Channel 5 and then Nick Jr, the TV show now boasts over 200 episodes, 5 series, 2 films and a whole host of other branded items.

Peppa Pig was thought up in 2000 by friends, Neville Astley, Mark Baker and Phil Davies, animators and producer respectively. The programme centres around the eponymous pig, her family and other clothed-animal friends. Episodes usually see characters carrying out everyday activities such as going to playgroup, visiting family and playing outside – all relatable stuff for the kids and parents that watch it.

As popular as it is, and entering its 14th year, Peppa Pig is not without its share of controversies or surprising facts. Some are very impressive, others just downright strange.

Peppa Pig is watched all over the world

Peppa truly is a global superstar. Starting in the UK, the loveable little pig went on to (unlike many other British exports) break America in 2011. Nowadays, the escapades of Peppa, George, Daddy Pig and Mummy Pig are enjoyed by kids, and some adults too, in over 180 countries.

Peppa Pig is more well-known than Jeremy Corbyn

Leading on from the first fact, maybe it makes sense that a brightly-coloured cartoon character shown in nearly 200 countries is easier to spot than a man that wears so much beige. But maybe not when that man is a potential leader of the country, right?

Well, a poll by Populus and Bite the Ballot ahead of the 2017 general election found that a whopping 93% of 18-24-year-olds surveyed could identify the little pig in the red dress. This was compared to just 78% that recognised the Labour Party leader. Even Prime Minister, Theresa May was less recognisable than the pig with 90% being able to name her.

Maybe a certain family of pigs are what’s needed to get young people engaged in politics?

Peppa Pig is currently studying to be a doctor

She’s not really. For a start, she’s only 4 and she’s only a cartoon. But one of the voice actors that played her is. Cecily Bloom, who voiced Peppa from 2006-2009, began studying medicine at Cardiff University in 2017.

There were bound to be at least a few puzzled faces when she first answered a question in class and students racked their brains trying to figure where exactly they recognised that voice from.

A Peppa Pig episode was banned for being dangerous in Australia

That’s right. An episode of a kids TV show about a family of wholesome pigs and other anthropomorphic animals was banned for being dangerous. In Australia, a country populated by countless dangers.

Peppa didn’t incite violence or showcase any unsavoury behaviour, the episode was banned because it didn’t translate well to the much different environment of Australia. In a 2004 episode, entitled Mr Skinny Legs, Peppa encounters a spider. At first, she’s scared, but after a bit of reassurance from Daddy Pig, she learns that spiders are harmless. She then proceeds to pick the spider up, tuck it into bed and offer it tea.

Of course, quite a lot of spiders in Australia do pose a threat and should not be picked up by children. Luckily, the episode was pulled from the air in Australia before masses of children made tea for huntsmans and black widows.

Peppa Pig has her own theme park

Just like Disney and Dolly Parton, there’s a place for those kids that aren’t content just watching the animated pig but need to go and fully immerse themselves in her world too. Since 2011, kids have been able to drag their parents along to Peppa Pig World in Hampshire.

Part of Paultons Family Theme Park, visitors get to ride in Daddy Pig’s car, join in on George’s Dinosaur Adventure, and even meet Peppa and other characters. Even we’re getting excited at the thought of all that.

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An Italian woman tried to sue Peppa Pig

Gabriella Capra requested damages from Astley Baker Davies, the animation company responsible for Peppa Pig, after she endured teasing because of the TV show. This wasn’t because she loved jumping in muddy puddles like the titular character or dressed exactly the same, but because she shares a name with another character.

In the English language version of Peppa Pig, there’s a character named Gabrielle Goat. ‘Goat’ in Italian is ‘Capra’, so of course the character in the Italian translation of the series was called ‘Gabriella Capra’. Allegedly, since the episode of the cartoon with Gabriella Goat first aired, the real-life Gabriella has suffered relentless teasing from her friends and colleagues.

She requested €100,000 in damages, promising to donate any won to charity. It’s unclear what happened with the case, though apparently, she wasn’t kidding.

Peppa Pig is worth over $1bn a year

With that revelation, suing for €100,000 doesn’t sound that crazy. Its huge international reach and cornucopia of merchandised products make the Peppa Pig brand a hugely successful one. Kids and adults alike love the cartoon, so it’s no surprise they love buying things with Peppa’s face on too.

Not bad for a 4-year-old pig. Anything we missed? Be sure to let us know if you have any more unusual facts about the kids’ favourite pig.

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