Mr Bus’ First Trip to the Circus

Mr Bus was feeling very excited. Today, he was taking a group of children and adults to visit the circus in Upper Bumble. Stanley, his driver was just giving a quick clean to the inside of Mr Bus and then he was going to drive up the road to collect everyone from outside the post office at 6pm which would give everyone plenty of time to be in their seats inside the big top ready for the start of the circus at 7pm.

Mr Bus had never been to a circus before and couldn’t wait to find out what happened. “This is so thrilling” thought Mr Bus as Stanley drove along the road to the post office. Waiting very excitedly were the twins, Sally and Annie and their mum and dad. This was going to be their special birthday treat. Also waiting were Betty and Peter Plant with their older cousin Martha who was looking af ter them, Joey and Thomas Davis who were aged 16 and quite grown up and lastly Mr and Mrs Trump and their grandaughter Peggy. Mr Bus was fully loaded and ready to go. Everyone was in such a jolly mood and soon a song started up about visiting the circus. “We’re off to see the circus, we’re off to see the circus, hip hip hooray, we’ll have a super day”.

Mr Bus was smiling to himself. “This is going to be so wonderful” he thought. Stanley continued driving along the road and finally arrived at the place where the big top was situated. Everyone got off the bus and ran over to show their tickets to a man dressed as a clown. He looked so funny with his orange hair and blue hat, large red nose, red and yellow striped shirt and huge trousers and enormous black shoes. Mr Bus looked at the big top. “Well, I’ve never seen such a big tent before” he thought. “Imagine all the people who could camp inside that”.

Stanley had parked Mr Bus next to a little red car who was also looking at everything in amazement. “Hello” said Mr Bus, “What’s your name”? “Dorothy” said the little red car. “Pleased to meet you Dorothy” said Mr Bus. “Where are you from”? “I live in Upper Bumble and I’m here today with my owner, Philip Trotter, his wife Marigold and their 3 children, Lucy, Freddy and Daisy” said the little red car.

Suddenly, a huge animal walked past them both with a man dressed in shiny green clothes walking beside. The animal looked at Mr Bus and then you’ll never guess what it did. It squirted water all over Mr Bus. “Whatever is that”? Mr Bus asked Dorothy who was laughing. “That’s an elephant who has just given you a really good wash” said Dorothy. “What fun” thought Mr Bus.

A beautiful lady walked along and she was holding the hands of 2 little monkeys who decided they didn’t want to hold her hand but were more interested in climbing on top of Mr Bus’s roof. They jumped onto the bonnet and looked through the window, then they pulled themselves onto the roof and started running up and down and making very funny noises. Such naughty little monkeys. “Come down this minute” said the beautiful lady, but the monkeys took no notice. She then took some nuts from her dress pocket and put them on the ground at which point the two naughty monkeys climbed down from Mr Bus and rushed to eat the nuts. “Well, they were funny little creatures” laughed Mr Bus. “I just hope they havn’t scratched the top of my roof”.

The circus was starting and Mr Bus could hear the sound of very loud music and clapping and cheering. He then saw Stanley, his driver running out of the big top and over to him. “You’ll never guess” said Stanley, “the clowns car has broken down and they need something to take them round the inside of the big top. I’ve said you’ll be happy to help out”. “Oh yes please” said Mr Bus, “can’t wait”. “Right” said Stanley, “we have to get you a big spotted bow tie to wear on the front of your bonnet and a huge shiny red nose nose just below your window so you’ll look like a clown bus”. The clowns then climbed inside Mr Bus and Stanley drove into the big top and started going round and round.

The clowns were all shouting and throwing sweets for the children and pretending to throw buckets of water at the audience but really it was just pieces of silver paper inside the buckets. The audience clapped and cheered as they were all so surprised to see Mr Bus taking part. “This is one of the best days of my life” thought Mr Bus “and I never want it to end”. Stanley then drove Mr Bus to the side of the big top so that the other circus acts could start their performances which included a juggler, 2 trapeze artists, a man who could ride a unicycle, a lady magician and many many more.

Soon it was time to go home as all good things must come to an end and the various acts had to have a rest before the start of the show next day. Stanley drove Mr Bus and all of his passengers back to the post office where they got off ready to go home and fall into such a happy sleep, dreaming about the evening show. Mr Bus then went back to the bus depot and Stanley went home to tell his wife, Jemima all about the circus. Mr Bus was feeling very tired but was also very happy and knew he wanted to visit the circus again as soon as possible. He had made a new friend, Dorothy, and all in all today had been very eventful and very very exciting.

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