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Aqua Dash Submarine Video Game Ride

Width: 200mmx Height: 400mmx Length: 500mm

Aqua Dash is a colourful underwater-themed kiddie ride that will help attract kids and their parents onto your site. Kids will be entertained and parents will have more time to spend on site and spend money.

This brightly-coloured kiddie ride features video game style play and gives kids the choice between two playable characters: Lightning and Bunny, cat and rabbit-themed submarines respectively.

Players take control of their chosen character and navigate through fun-filled underwater levels avoiding fish and obstacles. An LCD screen, speakers and rocking motion make Aqua Dash an engaging experience.

The ride can be one or two player for the added fun of competition. Two machines can easily be linked up, so even if you order one and change your mind later on, the game can be made multiplayer with minimum hassle.


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