Wait til you get Wind of This: you can now get a Hurricane Simulator Absolutely Free on Leisurematic Income Share Rental.

Now, That's Mind-Blowing.

leisurematic hurricane simulator

16 July 2018 09:45

Coin-operated Hurricane Simulator amusement machines are all the rage and Leisurematic is pleased to announce that we can now supply them absolutely free, anywhere in the UK on our amazing income share rental scheme.

These exhilarating machines are ideally suited to trampoline parks, climbing wall centres, leisure centres, amusement arcades, theme parks, shopping centres, soft play centres, bowling alleys, farm parks, and many more.

We deliver and install them free. There is absolutely no cost whatsoever to you either initially or ongoing. We even cover all the ongoing maintenance and service calls absolutely free, all that we require ongoing is a mutually agreed percentage of the takings. In essence, it’s money for nothing for your business and an added unique and popular attraction for your customers so, it’s win-win!

One question we were asked by one of our customers “why is the hurricane simulator machine so popular in our trampoline park?”. It took us a while to work out that many trampoline park customers who use our coin-operated hurricane amusement machines are cooling down after getting too hot bouncing around. So, these simulators are ideal after a bit of physical activity in these types of venues, as well as providing entertainment through the immersive hurricane experience.

The hurricane simulator amusement machines have a built-in video screen which shows a realistic loop of flying debris coming towards the user inside. This, combined with an increasingly high pressure airflow inside the machine, makes the players feel like they are actually in the path of dangerous hurricane force winds. The countdown timer on the hurricane simulator screen is synchronised to the wind force as it gets stronger and stronger. The Hurricane Simulator even has sound effects of breaking glass and flying debris, so a Hurricane Simulator experience is not for the faint-hearted.

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