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Peppa Pig Dome Kiddie Ride

This unique kiddie ride gives children the opportunity to have a closer look at the world of Peppa Pig. Ideal for any child-friendly venue, this ride is a sure-fire way to increase time and revenue generated on site. Kids can take a seat and take control of the world of Peppa Pig. They get to […]

Peppa Pig Rocket Kiddie Ride

Kids can travel to the moon with Peppa Pig on this exciting rocket kiddie ride. A great addition to a number of different venues, this ride will keep children entertained and increase takings on your site. The ride features a display showing Peppa Pig characters on the moon with our solar system’s planets above. Buttons […]

Peppa Pig Carousel Kiddie Ride

Kids can go in circles with Peppa Pig on this miniature version of the popular fairground ride. Instantly recognisable from the TV, this ride is a guaranteed way of bringing more revenue to your site. Children can choose to take a ride in either Daddy Pig’s car or Grampa Pig’s boat as they twirl around. […]

Peppa Pig Car Kiddie Ride

This kiddie ride features Peppa Pig, maybe the most famous kids’ TV character in the world. Children will instantly recognise her from the TV and beg their parents for a go. The ride plays the Peppa Pig theme music, so kids can hum along while they play. It also makes car noises and features a […]

Peppa Pig Camper Van Kiddie Ride

Kids won’t be able to resist a go on this Peppa Pig Camper Van kiddie ride. It provides an excellent way to entertain children and bring more revenue for your site. Maybe the most famous children’s TV character in the world, kids won’t be able to miss this ride on your site. It has enough […]

Banned in Oz, More Famous Than MPs and Studying to be a Doctor – 7 Things You Might Not Know About Peppa Pig

At Leisurematic, we stock a range of branded kiddie rides and amusement machines. All kinds of characters are represented in our roster, but there’s one who’s a little closer to taking over the world than others. Fifteen years ago if you were asked to name the most famous pig in the world you might have […]

The Leisurematic Latest!

Welcome to Leisurematic’s brand new website featuring even more coin operated kiddie rides and amusements machines to choose from! We are passionate in supplying the highest quality products and service, spreading leisureMAGIC nationwide! Leisurematic hopes you’ve had a cracking start to January and we’re ready to continue the magic on throughout 2020! If you’ve been […]

PAW Patrol: Kids Love it, Parents Not so Much, and it’s Seemingly Unstoppable. 5 Interesting Facts

Kids love it, parents have mixed feelings about it, and it’s perhaps the biggest kids TV show around. It’s PAW Patrol. If you don’t have children, then maybe this brightly-coloured juggernaut has passed you by thus far, but since 2013 the Canadian-made TV show has grown in popularity to rival the likes of Peppa Pig. […]