Payment Options

We want to give you the easiest and most suitable method of getting one of our fantastic machines. We don’t want anyone to miss out being part of our LeisureMAGIC, so we have listed the three main options below in the hope that there is something for everyone. 

Finance Options:

Why should I go to Portman Asset Finance?

As a provider of fast and flexible finance solutions to established and start-up businesses, we have helped grow more than 10,000 UK companies by arranging over half a billion pounds to support them since we were established in 2007.

Our senior management team have over 50 years’ experience within the finance industry. This, together with the detailed sector and asset knowledge of our expert account managers, has established Portman as one of the UK’s leading business finance providers.

With access to over 40 lenders and a range of finance products on offer, Portman can provide a bespoke finance package that can differentiate your business from its competitors and help it thrive.

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Income Share Rental Scheme:

Our income share rental scheme option allows you to get your machines ABSOLUTELY FREE with ABSOLUTELY NO initial or ongoing cost to you whatsoever, WE COVER ALL associated costs from our share of the revenue.
In return we request an agreed revenue share.
  • 50/50 for kiddie rides and arcade amusement machines
  • 70/30 for stocked novelty prize vending such as claw crane grabbers, we supply the machine prize stock to you free out of our extra share.
Our income share rental option is dependent on a minimum footfall at the intended machine site venue and there is also the option for you to purchase the machine at ANY point ongoing if you wish, you simply can’t lose.
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Need More Info About Payment Options?

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