Blue Disney Vending Machine

W: 515mmx H: 1665mmx L: 440mm

This eye-catching Disney-themed vending machine is a sure-fire way to occupy kids on your site. As well as offering a welcome distraction, the machine also provides another way for your business to generate income. You could have your very own Disney vending machine on site, making money and keeping kids entertained, for free. The machine […]

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Bouncy Ball Prize Football Table

W: 700mmx H: 1100mmx L: 1200mm

Our exciting two-player table football game lets kids challenge each other for extra fun. Most people are familiar with how table football works, so there’s nothing to stop them wanting a go, meaning more money for your site. Just as much fun as a full-sized table football game, this one is shrunken down for kids […]

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Go For The Goal Flipper Table

W: 460mmx H: 1380mmx L: 650mm

Go For The Goal is a pinball-football hybrid that lets kids test their skills in exchange for a prize. The skill-based nature of the game will make them want to keep trying until they win and bring more money to your site. Kids love this amusement machine as it gives a prize every time, usually […]

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iClaw Sweet/Soft Toy Grabber Machine

W: 600mmx H: 1850mmx L: 600mm

Everyone’s a WINNER with an iClaw sweet/soft toy claw grabber machine. Everyone loves an iClaw grabber machine because everyone wins a prize EVERY TIME! Did you know?…iClaw can also be supplied bespoke to you with the vinyl cabinet artwork in YOUR corporate theme/colour scheme!

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Mini Globe 45mm Bouncy Ball Vendor

W: 600mmx H: 1200mmx L: 600mm

Our Mini Globe Bouncy Ball Vending Machine is an excellent way of generating more income in a number of different settings. Kids won’t be able to resist the promise of winning a prize. This amusement machine gives kids a bright bouncy ball toy every time they play. The guaranteed prize every time mean kids will […]

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Temporary Tattoo Vending Machine

W: 600mmx H: 1200mmx L: 400mm

With this exciting amusement machine, kids get a temporary tattoo prize every time. An excellent way to bring extra income to a variety of different sites. This coin-operated sticker and tattoo station has an exciting range of designs that will keep kids coming back for more. Temporary tattoo designs include skulls, fairies, hearts and more, […]

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