Income Share

Leisurematic offer the whole range of kiddie ride and coin operated amusement machines on a shared income rental hire basis.

The product range is vast and includes the most modern and desirable kiddie rides such as:

  • Peppa Pig kiddie rides and kiddie ride carousels
  • Ben And Holly kiddie rides, Thomas The Tank Engine kiddie rides
  • Bob The Builder Kiddie rides battery operated ride on track cars battery operated ride on track quad bikes and battery operated ride on track jeeps and many, many more...

Leisurematic also offer kiddie ride carousels in a shared income rental hire basis, the most popular being, Peppa Pig kiddie ride carousels, horse carousels and kiddie ride carousels with characters such as Bob The Builder and Thomas The Tank Engine.

The Leisurematic profit share hire rental product range extends to novelty vending and coin operated amusement machines, which are designed to vend toy filled capsules, claw crane grabber teddies, tattoos and bouncy balls and novelty vending machines such as claw crane grabbers and pin ball novelty bouncy ball vending machines.

Leisurematics Coin operated amusement machines range from coin operated basketball machines, coin operated "wack a mole" amusement machine boppers, full size air hockey tables, mini air hockey tables, driving simulator video games, shooting simulator video games, Galaxy Garrison wacker machines and roller coaster kiddie ride simulators. Leisurematic supply virtually any coin operated amusement machine, coin operated novelty vending machine, kiddie ride or kiddie ride carousel at absolutely no cost to you, we cover all ongoing service calls and maintenance of the equipment, "free" and we update the equipment regularly, "free", in return we share the machine income with you.

Income Share Rental Scheme

Kiddie rides, coin operated amusement machines and novelty vending machines are always available, the main benefits of income share rental are:

  • We supply, deliver and install the machines FREE
  • All ongoing maintenance/service calls and safety certification is carried out by Leisurematic, FREE
  • Equipment is regularly upgraded, FREE
  • Revenue generated by the machines is shared between Leisurematic and the operating site at a mutually agreed ratio

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Kiddie Ride and Coin Operated Amusement Machine News

Bespoke Mr Bus For National Forest Adventure Farm

May 11th 2015, 15:09

Another moo cow coloured Mr Bus, this time for the "fantastic" National Forest Adventure Farm, Burton On Trent.

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