Battery Operated Track Rides

Battery operated track rides are ideal for giving your venue an extremely profitable and attractive focal point. Whether they’re battery operated quad bikes, tractors or racing cars, our exciting track rides never fail to give your customers an enjoyable and memorable experience.

Whether you have a farm park, soft play centre, shopping centre, garden centre, family entertainment centre, or any other leisure related venue or tourist attraction, battery operated track rides NEVER FAIL to draw in the crowds and provide entertainment, (not forgetting substantial revenue streams), in abundance.

We don’t just supply the quad bikes, tractors and racing cars that go on the track, we also supply AND FIT the track too.

Would you LOVE a set of battery operated track vehicles in YOUR VENUE?
Leisurematic supply vehicles AND the tracks NATIONWIDE. Get in touch
today to discuss whether Income share ‘rental’ or ‘to purchase outright’
is best for you. Give us a call on 01228 595 071 to speak sooner.

As with all our products and equipment, all you have to do is contact us and our representative will arrange to visit your location at a date and time convenient for you. Subject to your approval we will then do the rest, from initial track design to installation and vehicles being placed and set up ready to use on the track, we even supply the disclaimer and safety sign boards, FREE!

Don’t forget, if you would rather purchase them outright from us but it’s a financially risk free approach that suits you best, you don’t need to buy them straight away, just get us to supply and fit the track kit and battery operated vehicles ABSOLUTELY FREE on our income share rental scheme. You can then find your feet with them ongoing and establish what they earn while you still receive 50% of the takings, you can then purchase them from us ANYTIME from point of installation, but only if you want to…..YOU SIMPLY CAN’T LOSE!

Did You Know?

Track Supplied & Fitted FREE

Available For Income Share Rental

Tractors, Racing Cars & Quad Bikes Available

All Of Our Battery Operated Track Rides Can Be Supplied In 



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