Baby Balloon Air Hockey Table

W: 950mmx H: 1210mmx L: 1400mm

An air hockey table is the perfect addition to any leisure-oriented business premises. The concept is familiar, so kids will be eager to have a go. By having one on your site, you’ll gain a highly effective means of generating extra revenue all while providing entertainment for customers. This air hockey table has been designed […]

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Basketball Blitz Amusement Machine

W: 2000mmx H: 2400mmx L: 2500mm

This competitive basketball game makes an excellent addition to any site. Complete with flashing lights and sound effects, children and adults alike will be drawn in by this highly visible amusement machine. With the potential to bring you more customers and generate extra income at the same time. Basketball Blitz is available as a single […]

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Batman Twin Player Video Driving Simulator

W: 1600mmx H: 2000mmx L: 1600mm

This imposing, brightly illuminated twin driver simulator is as popular as ever. Up to two players can join Batman, a masked vigilante from Gotham City and help him fight against evil to keep its citizens safe….Need we say any more?

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Dino Adventure Amusement Machine

W: 510mmx H: 1520mmx L: 770mm

Brand new to the market, this small footprint, highly impactive amusement machine is absolutely fantastic and immensely popular with children and adults alike. Players get to shoot ‘real’ plastic balls at the touchscreen monitor from the front mounted gun. The touchscreen is fully interactive and animated and the plastic balls are contained behind a plastic […]

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Duo Drive Twin Player Amusement Machine

W: 1340mmx H: 2240mmx L: 1145mm

An appealing two player video driving game that’s perfect for children and has a small footprint. Avoid obstacles and pick up gold coins whilst racing to cross the finish line in first place!

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Fast And Furious Twin Driver Amusement Machine

W: 1600mmx H: 2000mmx L: 1600mm

Fast and Furious is an all time classic twin player racing driver game. Appealing to all ages, with amazing sound effects and fantastic interactive video gameplay making this one a WINNER every time!

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Fast Track Air Hockey Table

W: 1250mmx H: 800mmx L: 2400mm

This exciting amusement machine is ideal for children and adults alike. Add another attraction to your site and earn money with a Fast Track Air Hockey Table, customers won’t be able to resist having a go. Available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your site, the table is 7 feet long so […]

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Galaxy Garrison Amusement Machine

W: 630mmx H: 640mmx L: 620mm

Kids and adults alike will love the addictive action of the Galaxy Garrison Bopper Machine. The familiar machines and short game time make having just one more go too tempting. With Galaxy Garrison, players can test the speed of their hands and see if they can hold off an alien invasion. The bright colours and […]

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H2Overdrive Twin Driver Amusement Machines

W: 1600mmx H: 2000mmx L: 1600mm

H2Overdrive is an immersive video game amusement machine, sure to bring in extra revenue for your site. This arcade game provides an exhilarating experience through its built-in 42-inch LCD screen, force feedback steering wheel and subwoofer built into the seat. Players choose from a range of different ships to race through levels, earning experience points […]

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Hurricane Simulator Amusement Machine

W: 1200mmx H: 2000mmx L: 2000mm

The Hurricane Simulator amusement machine is exciting for both adults and children. Guaranteed to pique interest, it provides a great way to earn extra revenue and keep people on your premises for longer. Our Hurricane Simulator has space for up to four children and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. A built-in video […]

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Klobber The Robber Amusement Machine

W: 1200mmx H: 1200mmx L: 600mm

Kids and adults alike can test their reactions with the Klobber The Robber whacker amusement machine. It’s easy to play and a sure-fire way of keeping people on your premises for longer and increasing income generated for your site. This fun cops and robbers themed whacker game asks kids to help the police on their […]

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Rescue Firefighter Bopper Machine

W: 630mmx H: 1200mmx L: 620mm

This exciting amusement machine appeals to both children and adults as they try and put out as many fires as possible. Offering lots of replay value, it provides an excellent way of generating extra revenue for many different types of sites. Children (or grown ups) bop flames using a mallet to help firefighters advance up […]

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Sega Showdown Twin Driver Amusement Machine

W: 2600mmx H: 2050mmx L: 1080mm

Sega Showdown is a highly appealing twin video driver, bright and full of action with a very competitive racing feel. Showdown always appeals to all ages in all locations!

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Sit On Digger Coin Operated Amusement Machine

W: 700mmx H: 1000mmx L: 2400mm

This ride lets kids work on their very own construction project from behind the helm of a digger. An excellent addition to many different sites, with our Sit On Digger ride, kids will be compelled to have a go and interact with the world around them and provide you with an extra source of income. […]

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Twin Superbikes Amusement Machine

W: 1150mmx H: 2000mmx L: 2190mm

Based on the Fast and Furious film franchise, this exciting superbike game is an attraction in its own right. Ideal for leisure-based businesses, this machine is guaranteed to generate extra revenue. Players sit on one of the superbike cabinets and use the intuitive controls to race their in-game character around a range of levels. They […]

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