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Kiddie Ride Income Share Rental

Peppa Pig Car Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1300mmx L: 1000mm

This kiddie ride features Peppa Pig, maybe the most famous kids’ TV character in the world. Children will instantly recognise her from the TV and beg their parents for a go. The ride plays the Peppa Pig theme music, so kids can hum along while they play. It also makes car noises and features a [...]

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Peppa Pig Carousel Kiddie Ride

W: 1200mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1200mm

Kids can go in circles with Peppa Pig on this miniature version of the popular fairground ride. Instantly recognisable from the TV, this ride is a guaranteed way of bringing more revenue to your site. Children can choose to take a ride in either Daddy Pig’s car or Grampa Pig’s boat as they twirl around. [...]

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Peppa Pig Dome Kiddie Ride

W: 770mmx H: 1100mmx L: 1320mm

This unique kiddie ride gives children the opportunity to have a closer look at the world of Peppa Pig. Ideal for any child-friendly venue, this ride is a sure-fire way to increase time and revenue generated on site. Kids can take a seat and take control of the world of Peppa Pig. They get to [...]

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Peppa Pig Rocket Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1800mmx L: 900mm

Kids can travel to the moon with Peppa Pig on this exciting rocket kiddie ride. A great addition to a number of different venues, this ride will keep children entertained and increase takings on your site. The ride features a display showing Peppa Pig characters on the moon with our solar system’s planets above. Buttons [...]

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Phantom Motorcycle Kiddie Ride

W: 700mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1600mm

Our VERY LATEST, ‘wheelie’ amazing coin operated ride….BRAND NEW FOR 2020 from Leisurematic. This video game motorbike kiddie ride is guaranteed to get your customers ‘revved’ up! With its stunning illuminated easy clean flush moulded, colour changing track and interactive video game feature. Riders of all ages can feel the thrill of this state of the art [...]

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PJ Masks CatCar Kiddie Ride

W: 780mmx H: 1020mmx L: 1570mm

From the amazingly successful TV series, we’re delighted to feature this in our product range. Hugely popular, interactive sounds and colourful illumination all around the body and wheels, kids and locations absolutely LOVE this one…so will you! Children can sit alongside Gecko, CatBoy and Owlette on a superhero adventure and sing along to the catchy [...]

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Police Quad Bike Battery Operated Track Ride

W: 730mmx H: 650mmx L: 1300mm

Our track rides make great additions to a variety of sites, and this police-themed version is no different. Not only will it provide an additional activity to do, it will also bring in more money. Kids get to race each other around the track (which we also supply for free), pretending to be the police [...]

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Postman Pat Post Van Kiddie Ride

W: 730mmx H: 1150mmx L: 1400mm

Hop in and help Postman Pat deliver post to the residents of Greendale. This kiddie ride is instantly recognisable for adults and children alike, and makes a great addition any site. Kids will jump at the chance to join the kids TV character and his cat, Jess. The ride rocks to simulate the movement of [...]

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Spiderman Helicopter Kiddie Ride

W: 800mmx H: 1700mmx L: 1800mm

Fight crime with Marvel superhero Spiderman. This exciting kiddie ride is a guaranteed way to generate extra income for your site. Our Spiderman Helicopter lets one child at a time join Spiderman to fight baddies above New York City. The ride rocks and makes propeller noises for a realistic experience. Buttons and joysticks make shooting [...]

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Spongebob Squarepants Kiddie Ride

W: 950mmx H: 1210mmx L: 1400mm

Kids’ TV favourite, SpongeBob, is unmissable in this kiddie ride. A sure-fire way to generate more income for your site, whether it’s a soft play centre, supermarket or anything else. This ride lets one child jump in the Krabby Patty wagon with SpongeBob and his pet snail, Gary. While in use the ride plays an [...]

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Thomas The Tank Engine Kiddie Ride

W: 714mmx H: 969mmx L: 1224mm

Both parents and children will be drawn to the iconic figure of Thomas The Tank Engine. This instantly noticeable ride will bring extra income into a number of different sites. This ride allows one child at a time to take a trip with Thomas The Tank Engine. While in use, the ride plays the TV [...]

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Troy The Tractor Kiddie Ride

W: 790mmx H: 1450mmx L: 1220mm

Hop in Troy The Tractor to help him out with his duties on the farm. This ride offers an effective way to bring in extra income to a variety of sites, all while keeping children entertained. Troy The Tractor features a moveable steering wheel paired with rocking motion so children feel like they’re really in [...]

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