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Kiddie Ride Income Share Rental

Hank’s Ice Cream Van Kiddie Ride

W: 820mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1450mm

With Hank’s Ice Cream Van Kiddie Ride, kids can hop in and help Hank sell ice cream and ice lollies on a busy summer day. This exciting ride will keep children entertained and their parents on site for longer. The ride can seat two children, allowing them to take on the role of either van [...]

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Happy Camper Kiddie Ride

W: 865mmx H: 1475mmx L: 1650mm

With the Happy Camper Kiddie Ride, kids can jump in and go off on their holidays. The ride has been a popular addition to numerous sites, guaranteeing extra revenue and keeping parents and kids on site for longer. This ride can seat two children as it takes them on adventures around the world. Inside, the [...]

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IX Simulator Kiddie Ride

W: 1020mmx H: 1400mmx L: 1700mm

This exciting virtual reality machine will look irresistible to kids on your site. As a result, it will bring more children (and parents) in, providing them with both entertainment and more time to browse what’s on offer. The iX Simulator comes in brightly-coloured fibreglass, with stereo sound and 27-inch TFT screen for a totally immersive [...]

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Krazy Kar Kiddie Ride

W: 650mmx H: 690mmx L: 1400mm

The Krazy Kar kiddie ride, with its own fantastic steering wheel coordinated driving video game via a high quality LCD screen. This, combined with the usual rocking motion and bright illumination sets it apart from all other kiddie ride cars and children’s driving games.

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Lightning McQueen Kiddie Ride

W: 800mmx H: 800mmx L: 1800mm

Instantly recognisable from the Disney Pixar Cars film franchise, the Lightning McQueen kiddie ride is sure to be a hit with fans of the film. Kids step on board Lightning McQueen and take control of him via the moveable steering wheel. The ride moves in a rocking motion to make kids feel like they’re really [...]

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London Bus Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1600mm

The iconic red London Bus Kiddie Ride is sure to draw the attention of kids on your site. This exciting attraction is a great means of generating extra income for your site. The London Bus Ride has enough room for up to three children to hop in and take a tour of the capital. It [...]

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MK 2 Rally Car Kiddie Ride

W: 760mmx H: 1060mmx L: 1350mm

Kids will jump at the chance to have a go in the brightly coloured MK2 Rally Car Ride. Ideal for a number of different locations, this kiddie ride represents an excellent way of generating more income. This rally car ride has enough room for two children and features two steering wheels so they can both [...]

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Mr Bus Bespoke Promotional Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1600mm

Mr Bus promotional kiddie ride is available in YOUR THEME AND COLOUR SCHEME, with interactive buttons, sounds and realistic rocking motion, Mr Bus is a bus that is “NOT TO BE MISSED!”

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Mr Bus Kiddie Ride

W: 600mmx H: 750mmx L: 800mm

Mr Bus is Leisurematic’s flagship kiddie ride, and one of the most versatile. Kids love him and will beg their parents for a go. This ride can seat up to three children and features a fun game where children use the steering wheel to direct a miniature version of Mr Bus to collect falling balls. [...]

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Paw Patrol Chase Kiddie Ride

W: 900mmx H: 1400mmx L: 1450mm

Kids will instantly recognise Chase from TV’s PAW patrol and jump at the chance to ride in his police car with him. An excellent attraction for kids on your site as well as a means of generating extra income. The ride plays the PAW Patrol theme tune so kids can sing a long as they [...]

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Paw Patrol Marshall Kiddie Ride

W: 780mmx H: 1180mmx L: 1400mm

From the hit kids TV show, PAW Patrol, this Marshall kiddie ride is a sure-fire way to entertain kids on your site and bring in extra revenue in the process. Kids can hop in PAW Patrol’s fire dog Marshall’s fire truck and help him save Adventure Bay. The ride plays the PAW Patrol theme music, [...]

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Peppa Pig Camper Van Kiddie Ride

W: 980mmx H: 1600mmx L: 1530mm

Kids won’t be able to resist a go on this Peppa Pig Camper Van kiddie ride. It provides an excellent way to entertain children and bring more revenue for your site. Maybe the most famous children’s TV character in the world, kids won’t be able to miss this ride on your site. It has enough [...]

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