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Featured iClaws

iClaw for SamsungiClaw for SamsungGrabbing attention at the Webhelp Call Centre, Falkirk.
iClaw for UGGiClaw for UGGUGG Footwear, UK training seminars, Glasgow, Manchester, London.
iClaw for TescoiClaw for TescoCIPD Conference Exhibition, Manchester Central.
iClaw for FenwickiClaw for FenwickHandbag promotion for Fenwick department store on Bond Street, London.
iClaw for HUGOiClaw for HUGOPromoting products and grabbing attention at the opening of a new store in the Bullring Shopping Centre, Birmingham.

What is iClaw?

"iClaw is a prize every time or random win promotional crane grabbing machine"

The iClaw promotional crane grabbing machine was designed to fulfil a niche within the promotional, exhibition and family leisure entertainment sector.

The standard claw crane grabbing machine has certainly stood the test of time with regard to play appeal and longevity, but the iClaw crane grabbing machine goes one stage further, by allowing companies to spread their advertising message in a quirky and novel way.

The iClaw crane grabbing machine is multi functional and suits all promotional, exhibition and family leisure related environments:

How iClaw works

  • iClaw can be set to win a prize every time
  • iClaw can be set to win a prize randomly and can even be programmed to pay out a prize, ranging from 1 in 7 plays, up to 1 in 100 plays
  • iClaw can be programmed to "free play" via a button, work with tokens, or work with coins

Our vast experience within the promotional crane grabber hire industry enables us to advise you if necessary, on the most novel and impactive vending stock to use in your iClaw.

iClaw Advertising Opportunities

  • Customise the bottom half of the machine with your corporate graphics
  • Use the built in video screen to promote your latest products and services
  • Supply the branded gifts inside the machine

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