Some Common Questions About our Kiddie Rides and Amusement Machines

17 March 2014 15:03

Q) Do we sell kiddie rides and coin operated amusement machines as well as operate them on a shared revenue rental basis?

A) Yes, we have hundreds of kiddie rides and coin operated amusement machines on our operating sites, therefore we need to refresh them periodically, we only operate the best equipment available on our shared revenue rental sites, ensuring that you buy the best too.

We fully workshop service and safety certificate all kiddie rides and coin operated amusement machines prior to sale and they are supplied  with a full parts and labour warranty.

Q) Do we have to sign a contract when we use Leisurematic as our kiddie ride and coin operated amusement machine supplier?

A) No, our belief is that all of our customers are our partners, therefore if it doesn't work out for whatever reason it would be silly to carry on. We don't lose customers because we work with them in harmony, a contract doesn't achieve harmony so is unnecessary as far as we're concerned.

Q) Can we refurbish/repair/ADIPS safety certificate equipment not on or from our own operating sites?

A) Yes, we have a huge customer base for this type of service, we treat other people's equipment with the same high standard of care and dedication as we do with our own equipment.

Please feel free to contact us anytime if you require blue chip customer testimonials.....we've got "oodles" of them!

With warm regards,

The Leisurematic Team.

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